Snow Melting Solutions For Walkways And Stairs

Keep your stairs, walkways and pathways snow-free and safe

heated stairsEverybody knows that slippery ice patches and snow buildup on walkways or stairs can be really dangerous. And nobody wants to put family, friends or visitors at risk every time there is snow or ice in front of his house or business.

Salt will slowly damage masonry work and nearby plants, and it gets carried into the house as people come in, damaging entry-ways and carpet floors. While it can be an option in some circumstances, using Warmup heating systems to de-ice walkways and stairs is a much friendlier alternative to salt.

How does it work?

Electric snow-melting products used in heated driveways are a applicable to landings, stairs, walkways and pathways, access ramps and loading docks. The transmitted heat energy keeps these areas free from snow and ice. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are providing safe ingress and egress to the building.

Warmup Snow-Melting Cables are designed to install in a variety of surfaces, and can be laid in mortar, sand or crushed gravel under stonework or landscape pavers. From bluestone, to limestone and traditional pavers, our cables and mats can operate effectively up to under 6” of material.

Lay the cable directly on the concrete structure using the provided spacing clips, or tie the cable to the rebar and lay over the gravel base in the wood casings. To read more about the Roof Clips, click here.

Designing your system

Calculate the total square footage of the landings (top/bottom) and the surface of every step. Ignore the risers at this point unless they are substantially off-standards (7”). Use the total square footage and compare to our cable sheet [link] at 3” spacing to select the right product.

Your cable will need to route into a 1” flex or solid conduit to a junction box for connections, either indoors or outdoors for a selection of our DS-Series controllers.

How much does it cost?

A typical urban landing with a 3’ x 4’ landing at the top of the stairs, six 5-foot wide steps and a 5ft walkway to the public walk would cost approximately $720 in materials. Installation costs can vary depending on your choice of masonry work (limestone, bluestone) but will typically run about $750 for laying the cable and setting up the electrical connections by a licensed electrician.


These cables offer flexible layout possibilities and are the choice for residential and commercial stairs and landings, as well as disabled access ramps.