Snow Melting Controls

Automatic controllers will save you money by activating the system only when required. Sensors will capture moisture and temperature to anticipate snow falls and freezing temperatures.

Warmup offers a selection of control units to suit your project.

When to use the DS-2C and DS-5C?

These controllers are for smaller projects up to 250 sqft. By combining controller and sensor all in one device, they are a simple addition to the Warmup heating system.

When to use the GF-PRO?

The GF-PRO can be mounted outdoors and switch up to 120 sqft of mats and cables. It is triggered by external roof or slab sensors for a more accurate reading of the weather conditions. Use with CIT-1, GIT-1 or SIT-6E sensors

When to use the Resibox/Commbox systems?

These control panels include everything. With built-in  relay contactors and GFEP protection, these panels can switch up to 4 times the supplied voltage. This means you can create up to 4 zones but power them one at a time, thereby reducing the amount of amperage needed to run the system. Ideal for larger projects from 500 to 1000 sqft.

Not sure which control is best for your project?