Anyone who has ever shoveled snow will know that it is a tedious way to spend your mornings in the cold, trying to clear the driveway. This is all a physical inconvenience. However, the slippery, icy roads are a severe matter of safety to the driver as well as to the pedestrians; children as much as adults. Warmup offers snow melting systems to melt the snow and ice on your driveway, steps, roof & gutter.

Melted sidewalk

Snow melting systems avoid unpleasant and strenuous shoveling

According to a long-time study taken out by researchers from the US Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a staggering 1.647 fatalities from cardiac-related injuries associated with shoveling snow were recorded. Do you relate to the unpleasantness of heading to the driveway, early in the morning, grabbing the shovel and doing the most displeasing workout to start your morning? Adding painfully freezing hands and damp back under the shirt that you are supposed to be getting your work day on with.

This exercise is particularly strenuous for people over 60, for the high risks of it being physically demanding and falling over dangerously. Therefore, anyone who is aware of ways avoiding the act would explore the options more in-depth and the answer is the snow-melting products from Warmup.

Snow melting systems increase safety and convenience

Now, more about the delightful news before the icy ground starts taking over your driveway. Snow melting products are an efficient and convenient way to get rid of snow and ice around any facility. The snow melting systems will increase safety and convenience by keeping homes, buildings, driveways, steps and paths snow-free and frost-protected. Designed to keep roofs and gutters ice and snow free, Warmup self-regulating cable will adjust its heating output depending on the ambient temperature; the colder the ambient temperature, the warmer the cable will be.

Snow melting cables are suitable for installation under concrete, pavers and asphalt to keep pedestrian areas safe and clear of snow and ice. The system provides the right heat at the right time, automatically keeping driveways and paths free of ice and snow. As it helps surfaces remain frost-free, damage due to frost is reduced and so are your maintenance costs.

Enjoy maximum control of your snow melting systems.

In order to control your snow melting system, you will need a snow/ice controller. Thanks to its sensor, the controller will sense moisture combined with low temperature and start working automatically. The snow and ice will melt, keeping the driveway, steps, pipes or roof clear of snow and ice at all times. Controls save energy and lower operating costs by triggering the system only when needed.

Warmup Inc. recently introduced the COMMBOX-600 and RESIBOX-120 controllers. They are “plug and play” controlled power distribution panels, designed for frost protection, ice and snow melting electric applications. When receiving a signal from the snow sensor(s), the COMMBOX-600 activates the contactors energizing the heating elements in up to five zones, while the RESIBOX-120 works in up to four zones.

Each product includes automatic power sequencing, that allows for sharing of the minimum required power supply. They also include multiple snow sensor inputs, an integrated electronic controller with backlit display and an adjustable hold-on time, to keep the outputs to the zones active to ensure complete snow-melting.

Installed outdoors, the AirSense sensor can connect to either snow melting controller and provides the temperature value and the snow detection based on adjustable parameters. This data is then sent via the controller to the heating system. The AirSense ‘s plastic ‘igloo’ shape design helps to assure reliable snow and ice detection as it prevents snow from accumulating around the sensing area. The four holes around the sensors were designed to hold the anti-nesting spikes, keeping birds away from the sensor. It also helps to keep the sensing area clean from dust and dirt during summer time and when the snow melting system is not in use.

To learn more about Warmup wide range of outdoor controllers, accessories and kits visit this page.

The Warmup outdoor heating solutions are a desired and embraced collection receiving many blessings when the cold weather catches you.

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